Top 10: Greatest TV Shows of All Time

I know this blog is called novelsandMOVIES but TV shows count, because its a massively watched art platform. With the recent ending of Breaking Bad questions have been asked;  Is Breaking Bad the greatest TV show of all time? Well here are my two cents. The list is based on the writing of the show, plot, and performance.

NOTE: This list is in order. 

1) The Sopranos – The Mafia portrayed in a light that you’ve never seen before. You’ll be sympathising with the lives of a Mafia family before the first episode is even finished. The late James Gandolfini portrayal of a mobster and a family man, is beyond epic. 

2) Mad Men – 1960’s Corporate America. Business is booming and it’s the dawn of a new era. Everybody’s fighting for the place at the top. From the set design to the wardrobe and even the mannerism of the characters, this show packs in the nostalgic feel of the 60’s. This show is the reason the 60’s attire has seen a resurgence, in the past few years. [source]. 

3) The Wire – This show packs in so much that it warrants a re-watch. Commenting on the urban sprawl that is Baltimore, the show tackles corruption, the drug trade, bureaucracy, amongst others. This show requires precise watching and learning to uncover the plot, that’s what’s so great about it.

4) Prison Break – Ever thought that the government might set you up for something that you didn’t do, and you start to plan ahead just in case they do? Yeah? Well this show does all of that in just four seasons.

5) Friends – Before teenagers start to fly the nest and leave home to go to university, they must watch this show at least twice. They can learn, how to deal with loss, failure, and relationships. Every twentysomething can relate to each one of the characters, and secretly have a favourite, though they’ll say they love all the characters equally.

6) Boardwalk Empire – Set during the prohibition, this show, displays the criminal empire created by Nucky Thompson (based on the real life criminal, Enoch Johnson) and his attempts to control his empire through any means necessary. Appearances include the infamous criminal kingpin Al Capone.

7) Monk – When his wife Trudy dies in a car explosion, Detective Adrian Monk, is let go of from the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD), as he suffers from a nervous breakdown, and develops OCD. However, with the help of a nurse he is able to work as a consultant to the SFPD, due to his excellent observational skills. Often sad, and sometimes hilarious, this show is definitely overlooked.

8) Buffy the Vampire Slayer – This show is one of the few shows out there containing strong female lead characters, something which is still unmatched today. This show set standards in sci-fi, but also gave young girls at the time a sense of power. The fact that this show didn’t win an Emmy is still one of the greatest disrespectful moments ever.

9) Breaking Bad – How does a family man, a father, a husband, a teacher, become a notorious drug dealer and criminal? This becomes the fate of Walter White, after he learns he has inoperable lung cancer. This show is definitely a show that should be watched.

10) My Wife and Kids – We were all given lessons on how to deal with things and behave in the big wide world, but Michael Kyle has his own way of teaching these lessons to his three children. The show is packed full of humour and jokes that it will leave you wanting more.