emotional breakdown

Have you ever truly felt like you want to die?

Holding your girl late at night, really tight, wrought with fright

Tears rolling down your face, ‘cuz there ain’t nothing else to do but cry

And through it all, she holds you down

Telling you to never give up hope

But you can’t do it so she keeps telling you not to go

To the other side, telling you that

“Baby there’s so much to see, like hope and glory

Love, lust, life experiences to make us happy”

So you turn on the bedside light

And see that there’s nobody besides

You. You don’t have a girl no more

She died from a drive-by on July 13th

With her last words being

“Please see life through baby,

If not for you, then at least for me.”

You’ve started taking Xanax just to make it through the day

Because dramas and nightmares comprise of her face